My way to the photography:

For as long as I can remember, my childhood was full of art.

From painting, drawing, music to takng pictures..I used to carry my camera around everywhere and photograph everything, though I never thought that one day I would become a baby and family photographer...
This changed since I become a Mum myself, a completly new world for me has opened my eyes to the purest beauty, true magic and wonders that babies bring. 

I have left a career in a design company to enter the world of photography, which was already a big part of my heart.

As a photographer, I love to be able to save moments, forever in time.

As a family and baby photographer:

..Everyday has its own story and through my lens, my photography, I would love to tell your own, unique story.

Something magical. Something truly special.

Something for you to remember.

  *Studied at the European Academy Of Photography /EAF; Warsaw/

* Studied at the 'Fundacja Atelier' /Warsaw/ - Drawing, Painting, History Of Art.

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