Agi Lebiedz.

'(...)Her style is engaging, poetic, refreshing and very beautiful (...) What I wanted was a very natural story of the day.
Agi's work is truly gorgeous and I'm so happy to have asked her to take our family pictures.'

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Hello and thank you for stopping by!

My name is Agi and I am a baby + family storytelling photographer for Bristol, Bath + London, Surrey,  and surrounding areas families.
As a mum myself I know how many times we do take phone photos.. but how many times are we in the frame too?

Capturing memories, those fleeting moments.

It is only after the time will pass and the kids are all grown up that we turn back to realize how full of magic those moments were.
These, locked in the photograph, stories will remain with us and our future generations forever.

I truly believe that it is an investment that will keep on giving as the times goes by.

I would love to tell your story!
Please get in touch!


The photo shoots are taking place in the comfort of your own home or nearby parks and gardens and I work using the natural light only.
Through my lens I want to tell your story and capture you being you, the everyday little flows and emotions that otherwise pass by unnoticed.

I believe that the true beauty is hidden between imperfections and one off authentic moments.
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phone: 075 310 73 201

Embracing ourselves being us. Not looking at the camera smiling but looking at each other.

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