'The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do'

Andy Warhol

My name is Agi and I am a family photographer, mum, partner, sister and a huge believer magic that is scatter around us.

The magic of the every day little moments, those tiny flaws that may come and go unnoticed, the warm looks, cuddles and smiles, your favorite song starting when you just thought about it..it really is there and
though my work, I want to help you to forever lock in time your own,family magic.
The power of your connections, the love - with everyone of you in the frame (yes, Mum, I know that it is you who is most likely to miss out of the photographs as it is You who is taking them..)

Family albums are what I love revisiting too, even more so now I am a Mum myself.
These photographs that my Mum would always roll out and bore my friends with (thanks!) have become a true treasure.  These are the memories and stories that will never happen again but they are with me, always.
Regardless where our house is, the family photographs are what makes it home.

I would love to hear from you,

my interview for WOMAN IN PROGRESS here

I am so extremely honored to have been invited to speak at the very first Woman in Photography Conference in the UK - Phlock LIVE, March 2020.

This is a truly incredible privilege to be among and around all of the top Woman Artists from around the world that will be speaking and that will be joining this event.

I cannot wait and from the bottom of my heart - Thank You!

*Studied at the European Academy Of Photography /EAF; Warsaw/

* Studied at the 'Fundacja Atelier' /Warsaw/ - Drawing, Painting, History Of Art.

self portrait, personal project.

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