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My photography is about capturing the real emotions and connections. Telling your story.
I am so grateful that my work, my photographs, has been featured in the number of photography hubs, international photography magazines and blogs.
Have a look below to see the publications as well as now,
you can listen to my recent interviewed for the BBC WILTSHIRE here.

Thank you all so much!
Agi x

I am endlessly honoured to be invited to speak about A journey to You, The Art of Taming the Moment during the very first Female in Photography Conference in the UK.

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So happy to share that my photograph has been published in the International Photography Magazine - DEAR PHOTOGRAPHER.

My photograph has been one of 190 photographs selected out of the 8700+ submissions and is opening the 'HUMAN FIGURE COLLECTION'.

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Best of Summer Photographs 2018

I am so honoured to be featured, in the leading Photography Hub in Poland in the set of the 'Best of Summer 2018 photographs'.

Thank you!!


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the interview for the Woman in Progress here.
thank you!

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