why in-home family photography?

my dad and I; personal photographs from our family albums.

Is my home good for the in-home photo shoot?

In my work, this is one of the most common questions I am asked by my clients.
Is my home really ok? Is it too small? How are we all going to fit in? How much equipment do you bring with you?
Below I will try to answer the most common questions involving the in-home photo shoot.

my mum and I; personal photographs from our family albums.


  • Your house is your home:

There is hardly any better backdrop for a family photo shoot. Your house, including the size, shape and everything else, is your home! This is where your memories are generated through your family moments. (see the example here)
Possibly in 10 years time, you may live on the other side of the world or still in the same home, who knows? One thing that remains is that this is the place that is a part of your family history. This is the place that your kids will remember as a place they called 'home' and maybe the photographs will be the only reminder of this very first place - as for me, the photographs included to this very page are the only memories from our first family home too.

  • Your home tells the story:

    When my brother and I were toddlers, my family was living in a tiny, shoe box size home. It is all different now but we all love coming back to our old family albums.
    To look through the stories and each time finding some amusing new detail - how did we all squash into this tiny little space, let alone survive on the 6th floor without a lift? 
    Things were not 'Instagram - perfect' and this very beautiful imperfection made that space so unique and special.
    We are now facing times when the chase for 'perfection' can spoil the pretty unique and amazing times. What is 'perfection' anyway?
    I have done home photo shoots in so many different homes across London and Warsaw (to take a look click here) and the only thing that stands out in the photographs is the love, affection and memories of the time spent together and not how many square meters your home has.

  • Your home is the safest space:

    With little children, having the photo shoot at home not only saves travel arrangements and logistics but they also feel safe and very soon into the photo shoot they will forget that they are being photographed. They can completely relax within their own surroundings and this provides a fantastic opportunity to capture their true character.

    •  Your home may have few little secrets too:

    We all know how chaotic those first days/months/years are with the little ones and the amount of toys that seem to multiply by the day!.
    I am sure you know the feeling when after spending what seems like an age tidying up, our little ones can "redecorate" the same room with all their bits and pieces in a fraction of the time. We are all in this together.
    I always send a mini guide on how to prepare the home for the photo shoot, but since I want to capture your life as it is, those little details can add character to your beautiful and unique story. However, it's just as easy to shuffle things around as we go.

    my mum, brother and I outside the block of flats we used to live; personal photographs from our family albums.

  • Your home is just right:

    Often I hear the question about the size of the home or the light inside. How much equipment do I bring with me? How long does it take for me to set up?
  • As a family storytelling photographer, I am working with the natural light only - all we need is daylight from a window and there is nothing else to worry about.
    My equipment bases on my camera and the lenses that enable me to work without any artificial light. No setting up time, no other equipment, just simply after arrival we are ready to start documenting your family memories.

    I hope that I have helped you with some of the most common questions but if you wish to know more about the in-home family photo shoots please get in touch!

    I would love to help you in capturing your family memories.

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