Agi Lebiedz

'Agi, is one of the most personable photographers I have had the privilege of working with (...)

You almost for a brief moment feel as though she is seeing life through your eyes'

Embracing ourselves being us. Not looking at the camera smiling but looking at each other.



The wait. Nine months of it. Hearing the heartbeat for the first time, choosing the tiny clothes and together waiting for the next kick... Life as you know it is just about to change.
The questions, the love, the magic.

A truly special and emotional time to be cherished. The little details and tender moments. The life of here and now and just before the brand new chapter begins.
Maternity photo shoots are simply magical as this time is so utterly special, yet fleeting.

I would love to help you remember these days forever. The moments that in a few years to come, you will be able to look back at, together with your child.

'Agi is a wonderful photographer with a great eye and natural charm that will put you and your family at ease (..) We will treasure the photos and the moment in time she captured forever.'

To secure your booking, a £175 Session Fee is required which covers:

The preparation or your photo shoot - from the photo shoot Guide, Questionnaire and  e-mail and phone consultations.

Session Fee also includes my time capturing you and travel, the Sneak Peak Preview up to 3 days after our photo shoot and viewing of your Online Gallery.
Prints and Digital Photographs are purchased separately.

Typically my Clients spend on their Artwork and Products anything between £300 - £2500

Please request a brochure for full pricing details

Are you ready to capture you family magic?

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