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sneak peek: some of my recent family photo shoots

I must admit, that it has been months since I have last blogged here, and so many had happened; so many photo shoots, travels, things that 

I wanted to share and the more things there were, the harder it was to sit down and start to type.
I want to change it so please bear with me for a while, the big backstage work is happening and a few exciting changes to come (new website!) and I will return to more often publishing here - but in the meantime, please visit me on Instagram @hushpictures

See you here soon!

Agi x

new in - deckled edge prints

 the deckled edge prints:

I am so happy to announce the brand new product, that will be added to all of my packages for all my clients.
The deckled edge fine art prints. Handmade in one of the finest photography labs and the look and quality is just superb but above all that - being so passionate about printing the photographs - those pieces of memories, will make your house a home.

Thinking of booking your family photo shoot?

I would love to hear from you.
Agi x


Personal Branding Photographer in Dorset

Branding Photography for the Female Entrepreneurs:

From the moment I got the message from Jane from @dressing_my_mum_tum  asking me to help her with her personal branding photo shoot concept, I could not wait for us to start to work with each other. Her vision is very clear and I knew we will be creating something truly special together.
After our time spent on consultations, mood board curation, I was on the train to Dorset to start Jane’s photography branding project.
It was an amazing day full of beautiful places we saw and great conversations we had. I am so passionate about helping each other along the way, the community over competition spirit. 

Please take a look below at some of the captures from the day that we have shared.
I hope you will love the photographs as much as I do too.


Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?
Just get in touch with me and let’s start the planning!

Family Photography in Warszawa

Destination Family Photographer in Europe:


I hope you had a beautiful summer. I already miss the sunshine, wish those summer-days could last a bit longer…
I am slowly starting to update the blog with my family photography work from the last couple of months when I had the privilege of working in Poland, having two maternity and one family photo shoot there - below, the sneak peek from the beautiful family in-home photography.
It is so important to capture those memories, the moments that otherwise may pass by unnoticed.

Thinking of booking your family photo shoot?

I would love to hear from you.
Agi x

Personal Branding Photographer

Personal Branding Photographer in St. Margaret’s:

Recently, I had the pleasure to work with Bryony from Engineers for Pioneers during her Personal Branding Photo Shoot.
Being a small business owner myself, I am passionate about helping fellow female entrepreneurs and small business owners.
I understand the importance of the true and soulful representation of a brand identity across social media platforms and online.
The representation will not only be consistent and clear, it will also resonate with our clients too.

Please take a look at a few photographs from our photo shoot below.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?
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5 best creative ideas on how to showcase your family photographs.

Inkifi Retro Prints

5 tips on how to showcase your family holiday photographs:

Let’s make this summer a bit different and not lock our family holiday photographs on our phones or the Instagram feed.
Below, I have gathered 5 quick, easy and affordable ideas on what to do with our summer-time snaps.
Please take a look and I hope this mini guide will help you too.

Retro Prints by INKIFI
Inkifi prints are eco-friendly and the quality is stunning, service very fast and the price - 0.35p/photograph is great too!
The small prints will look beautiful as they are, framed or not and there are endless ways on how to display them.

1) From using decorative tape on walls, on your fridge with magnets, to simply keeping them in your calendar for when the wet season starts, you will have the warm memories with you. Below are a few more creative ideas.

2) You can grab the Natural Hemp Rope Ribbon and the Mini Wooden Pegs
and make a crafty display of your photographs on your walls or in the frame (by hanging the photographs a la washing)
Alternatively, you can get the ready made ‘washing line’ photograph frames or copper metal hanging frame.

3) Display your photographs using the beautiful metal photo frames.

H&M Metal Photo Frame

4) Create a family album by INKIFI or BLURB- putting together your own photo book where your everyday stories are all together, is such a great way of preserving memories. These books will become a treasure for you all to come back to. BLURB photo books are easy to create and you can choose between uploading and creating the album yourself or having the photographs automatically uploaded.
INKIFI gives you more choice and finishes, the print is eco-friendly and you can upload the images straight from the Instagram too.

Inkifi Family Photo Book

5) Creating your own memory box (small size - here) is a fun way to keep the holiday memories in one place - and the kids love it too!
From small print photostrips to seashells, train tickets, a mini tourist map and maybe the postcard and magnet from that beautiful place you have visited.
Anything and everything. You can ask your kid(s) to draw or write a few sentences of the best memory from your holiday together.
We did this as kids and these journals are the funniest thing to come back to! (my brothers log about his idea on how to save his pocket money to buy himself ‘two hamsters and a ‘pet-piglet’ :) )

H&M Clear Glass Box

Wimbledon Park Family Photographer

Wimbledon Baby Photographer:

Recently, I had such a pleasure capturing the morning time of the lovely family of four in Wimbledon, South West London.
The photo shoot took place at their home and you can take a look at the few sneak peeks from our day.
I am so grateful for the chance of having to capture their family time together and so happy to share the feedback too.

‘After much research looking for someone who could capture our family as they are we found Agi. She uses just her camera with no additional equipment which immediately puts you ease. She has a very flexible approach and was great when our boys had decided they had had enough of being photographed. (…) The pictures are exactly what I had wanted and having them taken in our home adds to the image and the memories. The lighting in the images is amazing and adds to the atmosphere. I was worried our house would be too dark but the images are bright and engaging, all without the use of a flash. Thank you so much Agi - such a talent!’

Thank you!

Thinking of booking your family photo shoot?

I would love to hear from you.
Agi x

He(art) of Home Photography Workshops

Embracing the Art of the in-home Family Photography:

There are no words to describe how amazing time it was during the UK He(art) of Home Workshops 2018.
I am forever grateful to have been able to attend the workshops, packed with so much inspiration, creativity and joy.
From the moment, I have come into our house, that we have stayed, I knew that this is the place like no other..
And so it was. I have come by myself but returned with a heart and head full; of new ideas, the friendships and the community.

Thank you so, so much!
Agi X

Catford Newborn Baby Photographer

Catford Newborn Baby Photographer:

There is always so much magic during the newborn baby in home photo shoots, those are those very first days; the memories in the making.
I am so looking forward to meeting this lovely little girl, and her parents in 6 months again. Please take a look at some of the photographs from the time that we have shared together.

Kew Family Photographer

West London Family Photographer:

At the beginning of summer, I had such a pleasure to meet and work with this fantastic family of three.
I am so happy that we have met and that I was able to capture the special moments for their family in the place that is so meaningful for them too - please take a look how they have reviewed me:

‘Agi was fantastic from the moment I got in touch with her. The photographs she took of our family captured the moment perfectly and are very artistic. I would recommend Agi if you are looking for more than just your typical family shoot. Thank you for creating these beautiful memories for us in our special place.’

Thinking of booking your family photo shoot?

I would love to hear from you.
Agi x

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