Maternity Photography in Chiswick

Maternity photographer in West London:

Pregnancy; the miracle of growing life and the true wonder of nature. I love maternity photo shoots; a combination of joy, adventure and anticipation and for some mothers, impatience. I do remember this feeling myself - ‘A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty’…

Last week, I arrived at the home of a lovely Hungarian family in Chiswick for their maternity photo shoot. It was a beautiful sunny day, one of the last warm summer afternoons.  We were so lucky to be able to catch up with the golden hour so the photographs are full of sun and colour.
Please take a look at a few photographs from the moments that we have spent together.

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Mom and Son Photography in Warsaw


It has been a while since my last post and I am catching up with blogging all my last few photo shoots.

It has been a busy summer time and I am so happy I had a chance to work back in my home town, Warszawa, too.

I love coming back and I love how the city surprises me every time with something new but it is all for the friends, places I remember,  memories, cinemas, galleries and parks - the feeling that comes back every time.  I always return to the family albums; I know them all by heart now but I still go through the photos again and again…

Looking at the family photo books, I have realized that I am drawn to those photographs that were obviously taken to finish off the film roll, or just at the start – just a ‘test’ shot. Those not composed and un posed snap shots of the past. Not scripted moments are so fascinating and beautiful.

Please meet the lovely Mum Lilianna @lilisweetchilli and her beautiful boy Antek. I had a pleasure of spending one morning with this lovely duo and capturing them laugh and play. You can see some photographs from the day below. Those little everyday moments come and go so fast but once captured they are saved forever in time.

It is such a beautiful gift to have a piece of those childhood memories preserved.

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Chiswick Family Photo Shoot

Chiswick Newborn baby Family photographer:

There is something magical in returning for a photo shoot for the family that I had the pleasure to work with before. Last week I had the honour of again capturing the lovely family moments of Clare and David’s family of four. It was a fun filled morning and you can see some photographs from the day below. I am so happy we could meet again!

Photography for me is about capturing emotions and telling your own unique story.

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Wimbledon Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn baby photographer in Wimbledon:

Just a bit over a week ago I had the pleasure of spending a morning in the home of the beautiful little Lara and her parents in Wimbledon, South London.

I love capturing those very first moments, knowing how fleeting they are. This is one of my regrets, that between all the chaos and beauty of the very first two weeks after my daughter was born, I hardly have a photograph to show for it. Preoccupied with the day to day stuff that I was forgetting about tomorrow. It was a very special (and very exhausting :) ) time but now looking back, I wish I had the memories of those times captured not only in my head but for my daughter to see one day.

Newborn baby in home family portrait:

My newborn baby photo shoots are totally baby led and I want to be able to capture the in between moments and to save in time the memories of how it really used to be.

That is why the home environment is so magical and meaningful. It is the place where the baby feels the safest and it is the most comfortable for the new parents too.

Newborn baby London lifestyle photo shoot:

Staying at home as well saves the stress of the logistics challenges of travelling with the little one. You never know what is behind the corner when you try to plan any outdoor trip with your little one! Not mentioning the time it takes to actually leave the home sometimes (then to remind yourself half way that you have forgotten to take a dummy or nappies or wipes or clothes for change…… name it! :)  )

Please take a look at the few photographs of the lovely day that I have truly enjoyed.  It was a lovely morning indeed!

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