Southfields Newborn Baby Photography

Southfields newborn baby photographer:

I am so happy to share a few photographs from a lovely morning I had the pleasure to have spent with a beautiful little boy Freddie and his parents at their family home in Southfields, South West London.

Natural in-home London baby  photographer:

Getting to know new families and having the honour of capturing those first moments is an amazing privilege. Each week for the last couple of months, I am knocking on the doors of a family that has just welcomed their first child. Those very first moments are such an odd time of your life – when the life that you had known before disappears before your eyes, opening up the brand new universe without any instruction of what to do next. I remember the blur of those very first moments and all the emotions from happiness to fear, panic and joy again.

New Family portrait in South West London:

But this beauty and chaos is the most precious time. I know that there will come the day when the new parents will look at the photographs taken of those first days, wondering how tiny their baby used to be!

My photo shoots are totally baby – led and every newborn photo shoot is different, as every baby is, please take a look at few photographs from that lovely day.

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Wandsworth Town Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn baby photographer in Wandsworth, South West London:

Last week, just before Father’s Day, I was in Wandsworth Town, South West London to take photographs of a beautiful little girl, Hayley, and her parents.

The photo shoot was a part of my Special Photography gift to celebrate their very first Father’s day.

Lifestyle newborn photographer in West London:

Father’s and Mother’s day are such a special celebrations. In my home country, we celebrate International Children’s Day too, which sadly is not so popular in England. I am hopeful though that one day it will change. Not only because it is, frankly everyone’s day of celebration; everyone is a child of their parents but more so it is a great day to look back and inside yourself, your own inner child. Very often, as the years go by and the life events are thrown at us, we are losing touch with our inner purely-innocent, life-curious, big-dreaming, little child.

Natural baby photographer West London:

The miracle of parenthood brings back the inner child and strengthens generational family relationships. Being a parent is such an incredible adventure, there are no two days the same, with all the ups and downs, little flows and chaos. I am drawn to little imperfections, the beauty and celebration of your own uniqueness. This is why I have created the FATHERS DAY SPECIAL PHOTOGRAPHY GIFT, and I am so happy I could create the photographs of little Hayley and her Mum and Dad.

Hayley has amazingly slept through all the photo shoot, despite the peak of London’s heatwave, and us moving her from room to room.
The whole photo shoot lasted only 45 minutes and below you will find some of the photographs from the day that we have shared together.

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Parsons Green Newborn Baby photography

Newborn baby photographer in Parsons Green:

A Little bit over a week ago I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Graff family at their home in Parsons Green, South West London. They have just recently welcomed their first child, beautiful daughter Emily and it was a joy to capturing their time together.

Newborn baby family portrait in West London:

Newborn photo shoots are always an amazing experience as each baby and family is unique and special in their own way.  As a photographer, it is a privilege to step into a  family’s life for a moment and be able to create photographs that will last forever. From the sheer beauty of the dynamics between them all and the purest joy that the newborn baby brings. 

In-home London Newborn baby photoshoot

My newborn photo shoots are taking place in the comfort of your own home.  There is no need to worry about the travel logistics with your little one as well as your home is their most natural and comfortable environment. 
After I arrive, I am checking all the rooms for the best light and then we are ready to start the photo shoot.
I can give some gentle directions but it is all about you being you, capturing the emotions and the little moments as they unfold before my lens.

I am so happy to attach few photographs from the lovely morning we have all shared!

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The Family Celebration Photography

Family Celebration London Photographer:

Family events are meant to be a great time together! The day itself passes by so quickly! As a Mum myself, I know that between babies, guests, food, laughs and nappies there is often not enough time to fit in taking photographs. Even if you do manage to squeeze a few photographs in, it’s more often than not that you managed to squeeze yourself out of most of them.

Baby and Family Party Photographer West London:

What I love about Family Celebrations Photography is to be able to capture these unique connections between family members, across generations, friends and children playing together. For a few hours, the venue transforms into a place filled with laughter and joy. Please meet the lovely Priyanka, Indranil, Kabir and Raphael.

Family Portrait Photographer in London:

I had the pleasure to capture little Raphael’s Party and it was such a beautiful day, full of magic moments and loads of laughter. I am so happy I could meet them all, and through my lens, help them to remember that amazing day they all shared.  Below you will see a few photographs of the special day.


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