Natural Maternity Photography | Chelsea

Lifestyle Maternity Portrait:

Pregnancy, the most unique, beautiful, yet fleeting moment in time. I remember when I was pregnant the wait seemed to be never ending and by the very end I just wanted to speed things up and be able to do my own shoe laces again! Yet, my very own deep regret is that wrapped in all the preparations, I didn’t book a photo shoot, and I am left with a few phone selfies and a fading memory of the purest miracle of what my body was capable of!

Chelsea Maternity Photographer:

A couple of weeks ago I had a pleasure to meet a lovely Mum to be, Maria and her husband Giovanni, at their home in Chelsea, West London for the pregnancy photo shoot.

As this time of the year – or maybe as most of the year – we had sun, rain and more sun that you can see in some of the photographs below.

Pregnancy Portrait West London:

The true magic of unscripted moments is the focus of my photography and during the maternity photo shoot I can give gentle directions, but I will never tell you to smile or dress in a particular way. I want to capture you being you, capture in time those precious moments that in the blink of an eye will be lost or forgotten.

Our photo shoot lasted about an hour, please take a look at a few photographs of our time together.

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Isleworth Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn baby photographer:

Having the family photographs taken at your home, the most comfortable environment, has recently become a very popular choice.
Your own home enables me as a photographer to enter your true and magical world for a moment to document you being you. I am blessed to have this privilege as no two photo shoots are the same.

West London baby photography:

Not long ago, I met the Smith family to create their maternity family photographs. This time we met for a newborn photo shoot and that is why this photo shoot has been so special for me too.

Isleworth family storytelling photography:

The photo shoot took place on a sunny weekend, at their home
in Isleworth, West London. In the two hours we spent together, you can
see a few photographs from the day below.

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Richmond Park Family Day Out

Outdoor Family photography:

Spring is in town so what’s better than a family day out to the park?
Over a week ago I had the pleasure to meet a lovely family in Richmond Park, West London where I took the photographs.

Lifestyle photographer in West London:

The day was just perfect, warm and sunny so it wan’t long before I had loads of fantastic photographs capturing the beautiful family moments.
Time goes so fast, so it is so important to capture moments that will never happen again.

Natural Family Portrait Photography:

I don’t have any requirements when it comes to the choice of clothing, the way you look and what you do. You can just relax, enjoy the day and be yourself. I want to tell your beautifully unique story that is true to you.
The family photo shoot lasts up to two hours so before you
know it, it’s all done but the moments we shared will be with you forever, captured and saved in time.

Below you will find some photographs from the day out in the Richmond Park.

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Newborn baby photography | South West London, Clapham

Newborn baby portrait:

A week ago yesterday I arrived in Clapham, South-West London. A little walk away
from the train station, after ringing the door bell, a little furry ball of
energy – a fantastic and super friendly dog Layla welcomed me into the home.

Natural family photography:

After a little over an hour, we had loads of photographs that document some precious
family moments. 10 week old little Aria had a great time and a little power nap

South West London family photographer:

Below you will see a few photographs from the day. Those little moments go by so
fast, so I am so happy to help you capture them; for you to be able to remember
these very moments, what and how you felt and look back on how it all was in
the beginning!

‘They change so fast’ is a phrase I have heard and used myself as a Mum, over a
million times now. We hear it, and you know it, but busy with everyday duties,
we seem to keep putting it to the back of our minds. It’s only when your little
baby is now a walking and talking toddler who’s only reply is ‘no’ to any
question asked ;) , do we stop and realise that so many precious moments have
slipped by.

It is never too late for a family photo shoot and once it’s done, your family story will be there for
you all each day. From your walls, mantlepieces, picture frames or even the
fridge, my photographs will take you back and allow you revisit and remember
the emotions of that time shared.

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London Family Portrait | Kensington Newborn Photogaphy

London newborn baby and family photographer:

Spring is in town! Although some days are still a mix of
four seasons in one day – or in one hour(!) but you can certainly feel the

Last week I visited the beautiful Kensington home of the
lovely family of 5 that just 11 days earlier had welcomed their gorgeous son
and the changes any newborn brings.

Kensington nebworn baby and siblings photography:

Newborn baby photography is always a truly beautiful, unique
and memorable experience. The dynamics of the photo shoot is always filled with
so many emotions especially when older siblings are involved too.  The age gap between siblings, big or small, has
no influence on the simple joy and curiosity that new baby brings in. I feel so
privileged to be able to capture those first bonding moments.

West London baby and family portrait:

The ‘through the key hole’ feel of the lifestyle, natural newborn and family
photography, watching the magic unfolding and being able to catch it raw is
what I love about these type of photo shoots. The time will go by, babies will
grow and it will be those frozen in time images that will bring you to that
exact moment of time and will make you remember the feel of those precious first

Below are a few photographs from the amazing morning we had!

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