Cotswolds Maternity Photographer

Cotswolds maternity photography:

These precious last weeks of pregnancy..the impatience, joy, all the questions and..that endless ironing, of course ;)
this time is so unique and fleeting yet so easily skipped in between all the preparations.

I am here to help you embrace the magic and wonder of this special time. To submerge at the moment and celebrate you - your story and your
journey because I want you to have the most beautiful, timeless and
meaningful memory of these last days of the world that you used to know…

I’d love to hear from you,
Agi x

Newborn Photography Bristol, Bath and Ldondon

Newborn Photographer Bristol

The beauty and chaos of these very first days. First cuddles, first visits, first tears. The life at the very start of the brand new chapter that is yet all unknown. These first newborn baby moments are one of my most favourite family moments to photograph.

Newborn photographer Bath:

The newborn photography is always so special and there are no two the same baby photo shots but you know that these memories captured now, of the life as it is, will become the priceless treasure to come back to. Not only for us but mostly for our children, when they are older. And I know that you may feel not ‘picture-perfect ready’ now - I hear it very often but I can guarantee that when you look back at these moments - that come and go so fast (!) - all you will see is the love and connection between you all. The parenthood journey that is just starting or if it is not your firstborn, taking yet another turn.

Thank you so much, Shauna  for letting me capture your special time together.
It has been a pleasure!

I am so happy to add that one of the photographs from this newborn photoshoot has been selected by the VOGUE Editors for publication at VOGUE Italia. It is a real honour as they are receiving thousands of submissions daily and they are picking only a few ‘Best Of’.

Thank You!

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Agi x

5 Tips on How to Take Holiday Photos - Tips for Parents

How to take better holiday photos

Summer holidays are on and we are all ready to spend some time together at home or away, relaxing and creating memories. Since I have been recently asked a few times about tips on how to take ‘the best’ family holiday photographs, I have decided to list few quick tips that may hopefully help you to create memorable family holiday photos.
Here goes:

1) Frame it

Whenever you snap away with your iPhone or with the camera this is your base.
Look through the lens (screen) at the whole scene you see. Quickly assess which elements you wish to include or which you could do without.
For example:
A big supermarket sign advertising SALES to your right? Move a step or two to cut it out if you wish.
Remember to level the camera so the perspective is as straight as it can be - unless you are my grandmother for which the almost vertical horizon line became her trademark.

2) Love your light

Look out for the natural light and try to make it work for you. Depending on the time of the day, the angle and warmth of the light changes. This is the part that you can play the most with if you have time and if you are up for it! You can take the photograph of the same place/person at different times of the day and see the differences of how the light and shadow works. You can then add light directions for a more dramatic effect and shoot with the light to your subject side. If you want to have a bright image then have the light behind you.

3) Perspective - get on your knee level

Children are mostly photographed from our height level. You can change this by going down on your knees and onto the child’s level. It creates a softer scene with the child not having to look up to you.

4) Snap a real moment

Wait for it or snap your family photo stories as they happen in real life. No need to call for smiles. The true magic is locked in the real moments as they happen right now.
The sandcastles, the cuddles, the running and cheeky smiles. Childhood memories in the making.

If you are going to do a family group shot - mind their hands - you can, for example,  ask them to do something with them, cuddle, touch. It will make a huge change in the photograph feel.

5) Have fun with it!

Enjoy and experiment! Don’t
worry about all the Pinterest perfect locations, poses or looks. Just
document what makes your own heart sing.
And don’t forget to get in the frame too! Set the timer and get ready.

And after the holidays are over? Don’t lock them away on the memory disc or drives! Print them and put up on your walls, on a show for you and your family to remember and revisit.

and if you have any questions, let me know!

Agi x

Phlock Live - First Woman in Photography Conference March 2020, Manchester

PHLOCK LIVE 2020, Manchester, UK

When dreams are turning real..

Growing up, I can’t remember how many times I have heard to “get back from the clouds, get back to reality, stop day-dreaming, stop fantasizing and get on with the ‘real’ life/job”.

Abandon the big hopes and get ready for the “proper” life.
And I did, although I didn’t like it, after years of hearing this advice I felt I didn’t have much choice. So I chose to study Social Psychology, no the Arts of course, as I have to have a proper job right!?

The years and jobs started to pass by, but my mind would not stop racing in my own direction. I would not stop doodling, visiting the museums, absorbing Art and Photography. The camera was always there and in those rare moments, I could feel it, back again. It felt like we belong.

And then my daughter was born. Not only my camera and I started to be more present and with each other, but looking at the little her, I asked myself, do I want her to live a life parallel to her passions? Or expect her the shelve her hopes and dreams in order to toe the line?

Fast forward a few years and after tens of thousands of hours of learning, picking myself up after falling down, tears of joy and frustration, one day just before boarding a plane, my in-box signalled a new e-mail. An invitation.

I am endlessly honoured to be invited to speak at the very first and absolutely mind-blowing Woman in Photography UK Conference - PHLOCK Live, to speak about A journey to You, The Art of Taming the Moment.
I cannot express how grateful I am to be a tiny part of this most amazing event.
The history is happening before us. I hope to see you there.

Love, A x

Maternity photographer Bristol

Pregnancy photoshoot Bristol:

At the edge of the new chapter. The anticipation, the joy, the tons of questions and baby clothes ironing.  This is your life now, forever to be changed so soon.
I am in love in documenting the pregnancy. There is something so magical and special, pure love and connection.
Below you can see a sneak peek of one of the recent pregnancy in home photo session of mine.

Are you ready to create you family memories?
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A x

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