Published in the Dear Photographer Magazine

Dear Photographer Magazine Feature:

I am so happy to share my recent feature published in the international photography magazine – DEAR PHOTOGRAPHER.

The issue is called ‘DETAIL’ and my work is one of 190 selected photographs from 8700+ submissions.
The standard of the photographs is just mind-blowing;  beautifully poetic and truly inspirational…I cannot believe that I am among the artists I have been following and observing for so long.

My photograph opens the HUMAN FIGURE collection and is a half page spread.

I am so grateful to the Dear Photographer and I would like to send a very special thanks to Sarah.

You can still order the magazine online and the link is here -

In home maternity photo shoot in Wimbledon

In-home maternity photo shoot:

Catching up with the blogging.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely family for their in-home maternity photo shoot.
Having the photographs taken in and around your home creates images that are so much more connected with your story. It allows for me to capture the moment of your everyday life and save it in time.
It allows you to relax a little bit more too and just let the day and the magic unfold.

Please take a look at a few photographs from the time we shared.

Thinking of booking the maternity, baby or family photo shoot?

Please get in touch at [email protected]com I would love to help!

MOTHERHOOD: The Health and Wellbeing Event

THE Health and Wellbeing Evening with the SOUTH WEST MUMMY.

I have the pleasure to announce that I will be joining the Health and Wellbeing Evening with the amazing

and the panel of fantastic guests -

Karina Teeha – Co-Founder of Perinatal Group Practice

Elizabeth Davies - Founder of The Mummy Coach

Marsha Powell - Founder and Director of Eve & Grace and BelEve

Maternal health is a subject so close to my heart. The dark side of the Motherhood journey, that nothing can prepare you for..but it doesn’t have to be this way! Together as Mums we can get through the lows, help each other and most importantly, understand.
I am all for the sisterhood spirit.

I have designed a package just for Mums and their child(ren) to celebrate Motherhood as so often between the daily rush, we forget about ourselves. Having countless photographs on the phone but so rarely are we also in the frame.
I want Mums to be the hero that they truly are. Each day.

I am giving away in a raffle, the chance to win the CELEBRATING MOTHERHOOD photo shoot with me, based in the comfort of your home. For all the Mums in attendance, I will have a special 10% off code for their CELEBRATING MOTHERHOOD photo shoot.

See you on the 18th of April!

Event INFO:


Maternity Photographer in Primrose Hill

Natural Pregnancy Portrait:

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet and photograph a lovely young family expecting their first baby.
     The state of suspense of the big wait and such a range of emotions; from expectant happiness through to the fear of the unknown and then throw in the ongoing preparations of all those small pretty clothes, cuddly toys and floods of advice from every corner.

Maternity in-home photo shoot in London:

Pregnancy is such a magical time, full of beauty and pure wonder.
That is why the maternity photo shoots are a bit different in the dynamics to all the baby and family photo shoots.
This is such a special time and it is so worth it to capture not only the image but the memories of what an amazing miracle your body was capable of. Growing life.
I feel so privileged being able to capture this most beautiful time.

Please take a look at the few photographs from the time that we shared.

Thinking of booking the maternity, baby or family photo shoot?

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Phone selfies, memory full, countless USB’s and computer files..

These are the days of visual overload and the illusion of having it all.
      Once you break down the noise of this image stream pouring in from all the social media channels, you may see a pattern.
In contrast to the ‘old fashion family holiday album’ filled with castles and perhaps a full two pixels worth of blurry loved ones, we are now facing the reverse.
       We are more self-focused and self-aware as we effortlessly digitally collect memories - I only wish I was able to do, all those years ago (with exception to some of the uni parties I attended 😃) 

The shift:
Through the advances in technology, the camera is now not something that is not only whipped out for holidays and birthday parties.
We snap everyday moments, we snap every day – and that is great!!
       However, often in the search of the Pinterest-like picture pretty moment, the true moment is lost..
Remember the good old film roll when you had to take a couple of shots before to “get the reel rolling” and then a couple more after to “finish it off”?
These often produced some of the most precious and natural shots on the roll!
The unscripted life shots or just a picture of what was in front of the lens. Natural and beautiful…
      A piece of today to keep forever. The pieces of who we are. The pieces of how complex and amazingly imperfect is life.
I truly believe in the importance of having the our “together” moments saved. It will be the best gift for the generations to come.
Embracing ourselves being us.
Not looking at the camera smiling but looking at each other.

Lifestyle Headshots in West London

Headshot photographer in West London:

Aside from my family work, I love having the opportunity to work with small business owners too, helping them to build their online presence.
Behind each business, there is a person and their story and through my headshots, I want to tell these stories.
A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to work with the lovely Le’Nise Brothers, founder of
Le’Nise is a registered naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and wellbeing coach for women who struggle with low energy, hormonal issues, anxiety, depression and weight loss.

Her positive attitude is so contagious and if you are looking for any nutritional advice, please head her way!

Below are a few photographs from our time together.

Thinking of booking the headshot?

Please get in touch at [email protected]com I would love to help!

Iver Family Photography

In-home family portrait:

At the end of the year, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely family of three for a photo shoot.
It was such a beautiful morning and below you can see the few photographs from the time we shared.

Thinking of booking the maternity, baby or family photo shoot?

Please get in touch at [email protected]com I would love to help!

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