The importance of the professional headshot:

Through my work, I have met so many small business owners and most of them had one thing in common – a need for good quality and professional headshots. I have had countless conversations with my business owning customers regarding the importance of headshots to their business and yet how they usually manage to be put on the back burner for some reason or another.
As business-customer relations have shifted in terms of the reliance on an online/social media platform and presence, the need for professional headshotsis immense. Not only does it boost the professional outlook of the company, itis also often the only representation of the people behind the business.

Because behind each business there is a person, and there is a story.

I would love to tell these stories!

Small business headshot photographer:

I have decided to meet this demand and help the local businesses with creating images that stay true to what they represent.
My headshots are very natural and lifestyle based so will not be staged in a studio, but will shoot to capture the backdrop of your company or a place that will connect your audience with yourself.
I have created 3 price plans and together we can craft the shoot in a way that will stay true to you.

I would love to hear from you!

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from £115

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